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     Provisional Crocheted 
     Cast On

Using waste yarn, cast on as for Crocheted Cast On.

Cast on the number of stitches required.  Enlarge remaining loop on crochet hook.  Cut yarn at middle of loop leaving a 6-8” / 15-20 cm tail.

Join project yarn and continue as desired until ready to pick up sts from provisional cast on.

Locate the edge of the cast on with two tails - where you cut the waste yarn and joined the project yarn.

With the tip of an empty knitting needle, undo the waste yarn stitch closest to the edge.

Gently pull the tail of the waste yarn to unzip the provisional cast on and release live stitches.

You may find it easier to pick up stitches from wrong side of work.

Pick up each stitch as it is released or

pick up the stitch before releasing it.

Continue until all live stitches have been picked up.

The last stitch will not unzip like the others, the waste yarn goes through this stitch.

I prefer to leave this stitch as an edge stitch, don’t place it on knitting needle, instead pick up one fewer stitches than needed.  (Photo shows stitch on needle so you can see what it looks like).  

Turn work to right side (picked up stitches on lower needle).  

Wrap the tail end of the project yarn around knitting needle to create final stitch.  Weave in end along the edge to secure final stitch.