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     Crocheted Cast On
This cast on method creates a cast on edge that perfectly matches a knitted bind off. it can also be used for a provisional cast on. It may be a little awkward to perform at first, but after just a few repetitions it will become more comfortable. You will need a crochet hook the same size or slightly larger than the knitting needle you will be using.

Make a slip knot 6-8" / 15-20 cm from the end of the yarn and place on crochet hook.

Hold knitting needle in left hand and crochet hook in right hand.

Place crochet hook in front of knitting needle (making an X),

with the slip knot below knitting needle.  

Hold the tail end of the yarn against knitting needle in left hand and the working end of the yarn to the right.

Step 1 - Bring yarn to back (behind knitting needle) and wrap around crochet hook.

Step 2 - Draw yarn through loop on crochet hook bringing yarn to the front (between hook and needle).

One stitch cast on.

Repeat Steps 1-2 until one fewer stitch than needed is cast on.

Slip loop from crochet hook onto knitting needle. 

Pull working yarn to tighten up last stitch.