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     Circular Cast On

A simple cast on for circular knitting.  This cast on method only works with an odd number of stitches.  If an even number of stitches is needed, simply cast on one stitch less than required then increase one stitch while working the first round.

Begin by making a loop 6-8" / 15-20 cm from the end of the yarn (cross working yarn over tail).

Insert tip of needle into loop (front to back).

Wrap yarn around needle.

Bring needle out of loop - toward you.  One stitch cast on.

Step 1 - Wrap yarn around needle.

Step 2 - Insert needle into loop (front to back), wrap yarn around needle.

Step 3 - Bring needle out of loop - toward you.  Two additional stitches cast on.

Repeat Steps 1-3 until desired number of stitches have been cast on.

Pull tail to tighten loop.  

Divide stitches evenly on double pointed needles and begin working in the round.  

Center loop may loosen while working, simply pull tail to retighten.  Once you have worked a few rounds you can weave in the tail to keep center loop tight.